Mr. Fabulous

October 2012

We almost finished the second 50 lapper in which there were a lot of wrecks. I suppose the advantage to being slow is that you are usually not around when wrecks happen. Managed to limp back to the pits with one lap to go with that 3/4″ bolt that holds the left rear trailing arm missing and the right rear hub full of gear oil but other wise not a scratch. Better luck next year.


September 13, 2012

Looks like the #69 Aston Martin Super Late Model Stock Car, as seen below with Mr. Fabulous in warm red suit (yes, we have heard the Santa Claus comments and put Mr. Fab on a diet) will be racing at Evergreen Speedway at Monroe, WA this Saturday night unless it snows or something. The race will be on the big (5/8mi) track. We did not do so well the last time out , have made some changes and are determined to be Above Average.





Mr.Fabulous, shown here a few years ago after a dash win, is a well known local stock car racer. Perhaps not always the fastest on the track, fans often remember the innovative paint scheme of the cars sometimes wondering what kind of car is that anyway,  why is it so big and is that really a rat strapped to it? Over the years, Mr. Fab has also experimented with hair color starting with darkish brown, to a sort of orangeish tint, on to bright red, his favorite. The present very light blonde color seems to have come about from racing on the dirt. Possibly because the sun shines more at dirt tracks. Someone told us that.

At present a pavement Late Model is in the works for competition at Evergreen Speedway in Monroe, WA. Mr. Fab has heard good things about the old home track and is excited about returning there and once again becoming a legend in his own mind.

And finally, here is that pavement Late Model shown here at Evergreen Speedway during a recent event at which many mechanical issues kept the #69 Aston Martin Late Model from being Above Average. Mr. Fabulous is not pleased.

Now we can move on to finishing a dirt Late Model for the Biffle DAA traveling DLM show.

Then there is is the poor old Buick that got mashed on both ends. That’s a lotta sheet metal to fix. Even Crazy Wally’s flames on the hood got wrinkled. This is a luxury ride full size Detroit car, the way God intended ’em.  Long and heavy, the other drivers often complain when she gets sideways and with one of your larger V-8 engines this does happen sometimes.

And will happen again soon.