Anne Goes To Iowa

Anne with former battleship captain feeling Above Average in Iowa


One of our early supporters, Anne (and as she is quick to remind us, that’s Anne with an ‘e’) has gone to Davenport to run or at least amble in the 35th annual Bix 7. A race that is run in honor of Leon Bismark Beiderbecke who for obvious reasons liked to be known as Bix. They say that something like 20,000 people may turn up for this event so there will be many other participants wishing they were as stylish as Anne’s team when they hit the streets decked out in those fabulous t-shirts. We are quite sure that in ways we haven’t even though of yet, Anne and her team will be ‘Above Average”. Yes, we think Anne is ‘Management Material’ and after proper examination of credentials and other more or less tangible attributes we may offer her the position of t-shirt marketing and Under Assistant Midwest Promotions Director with the side benefit of having someone around who is skilled in correct bandaging techniques for the inevitable screwdriver stab wounds. We will report the results of this race just as soon as the pigeon gets here.

If you want to be as hip and with it as Anne and her team, you too will be able to obtain the very stylish high fashion hand made designer apparel with the logo. Be the first on your block, amaze your friends and buy one or several soon. They go on sale here the first week in August, one of our favorite months.

Did you know that someone named an asteroid after Bix? I wonder if it is shaped like a cornet? No, more likely a piano. Rambling through the belt, 23457 Beiderbecke. The one that looks like a piano.

Wolfgang Strudelbanger


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